Altus®500 Energy Storage System utilises state the art super capacitor technology to provide you with +35 years of energy storage 1,000,000 charging cycles that will last though out the life of the product. It is user friendly with following benefits it offers over the Chemical, NiCad and Lithium Ion energy storage system (ESS).

Spar power is pleased to offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly supercapacitor-based energy storage system (SCESS). This system benefits from supercapacitor’s inheritance property of strong energy like a battery, additionally it offers environmentally friendly features which batteries do not offer; hence it is very useful to replace batteries in the energy storage systems (BESS) with super capacitors. Being a capacitor, it is charged much faster than the battery and survives through 1,000,000 operations without compromising efficacy and capacity over its entire life. The following table shows the comparative benefits of Super capacitor-based energy storage system (SCESS) and battery-based energy storage system (BESS).